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Co-reference Resolution Module

The coreference system has been developed to decide wether two mentions refer to the same entity or not. The input of the systems consists of a list of Named Entities of type Person, i.e. Person Names (PNs), that have been automatically recognized in a document collection. Its output consists of a number of clusters of PNs, where each cluster is interpreted as the set of PNs that refer to the same entity.

The system has three main modules, depicted in Figure 1, corresponding to three steps of analysis: Person Name Splitter, Local Coreference module and Global Coreference module.

Fig. 1: Coreference System Architecture.

Fig. 2: Last_Name Perceptron.

maxL p(l , L , l_L , t) = maxL p(t) p(L | t) p(l | L, t) p(l_L | l , L , t)

Fig. 3: Probability formula, where l stands for a first name, L for last name, l_L for first last name combination and t for topic.

Three resources are accessed, and dynamically enriched, during the coreference process: the Name Dictionary, the Entity Ontology and the Topic Ontology.